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Liat Eliav Design Studio


The studio was founded by Liat Eliav, a graduate (BA) of Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T) Israel.

The studio specializes in residential and commercial planning and interior design. The offices are based in Barcelona and Tel Aviv, constantly exposing them to cosmopolitan styles, designs, and construction methods.

We believe in designing and creating with passion, while keeping in mind the aesthetical and functional aspects. It is important for us to match the space to the customer desires while staying true to their vision and dreams, all the time recognizing the fact that each space has a its own complexity, a world of values, environment, time, and budget.

Our goal is to design a space that will be tailored to the client’s needs, making it comfortable, practical, and pleasant.

We employ a young and dynamic team of interior designers and architects who present a variety of unique and experiential design solutions.

The work process is being done while maintaining a constant dialogue with our clients to ensure their satisfaction, by creating a personal and unique atmosphere.


The planning process entails formulating a primary concept and design language, transforming into the ultimate space division and architectural elements such as: construction documentation, building systems, lighting, materials, colors, finishes, furniture and styling, as well as project and schedule management and construction administration.


2021 - Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Winner

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